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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions mentioned below will govern the usage of the website by visitors and users. This will best describe the terms on which this website can be or cannot be used by the people who hit the url (www.couponsdhamaka.com).
A very warm welcome to our website! If you are traversing through our website, then, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. Please note you will be bound by these conditions together with the privacy policy that holds your relation with this website.

Kindly read through these terms and conditions before using www.couponsdhamaka.com

Use of this website is subject to the following:

License to the Website:
www.couponsdhamaka.com owns full intellectual property, administrative and jurisdictional rights in the website and its contents. As per the license agreements below, all the intellectual rights are reserved for www.couponsdhamaka.com

Usage of acceptance:
1. You, as user, cannot use this website in any way or traverse through its contents such that it harms or damages the reputation of the website.
2. You, as user, cannot use the website in any way such that the use of this website is impaired or any page/link from/to the website becomes unavailable for future use for any period of time.
3. You, as user, cannot use this website to unlawfully or illegally make any connection with an organization/company that is forfeiting/unlawful/fraudulent in any respect. No such transactions will be entertained and will be dealt with strict notice in state’s legal presence.
4. You, as user, cannot use this website to copy, paste, store, host, use, send, transmit or distribute any content/material which could be linked to virus definition, any worm, Trojan horse, spyware, keystroke logger or any such malicious intending computer S/W.
5. You, as user, cannot track any events happening on this website in the form of data analytics or data gathering or data mining or scraping or any extraction of data or its harvest without having prior written signed authority given by the website owner/s.

Circumstances worth refraining from:
1. Do not, under any circumstances, rent or sell any license content/material from this website
2. Do not, under any circumstances, show any restricted material in public or to people who could harm the website’s reputation
3. Do not, under any circumstances, get involved in duplicacy of the offerings of this website or of its content
4. Do not, under any circumstances, copy or republish the schemes/content from this website to any other website of same or different domain.
5. Do not, under any circumstances, try to modify the services/contents of this website
6. Do not, under any circumstances, make any provisions to distribute the offers/content from this website to any other website or person or other entity except the services which are solely expressed and made public by the owner of this website for distribution
7. Do not, under any circumstances, try to imitate or get registered with a false identity that could harm or question the website’s credibility of its users.

All the administrative and judicial rights of this website CouponsDhamaka.com are solely entitled to the owners of www.couponsdhamaka.com. Restricted or public access shall be given to users as per www.couponsdhamaka.com discretion only.
www.couponsdhamaka.com shall provide you with a simple process of signing up and logging in on www.couponsdhamaka.com. But, it is the user’s responsibility and ownership to ensure that only legal use of the username is there and that the user id is kept private and confidentiality is maintained at all levels and by all means.

Content of Users:
1. The user content given to www.couponsdhamaka.com means material given to www.couponsdhamaka.com in the form of gift coupons, vouchers, gift cards, cashback coupons etc. is given full license which is irrevocable, non-exclusive, and with no royalty/commission to publish, adapt, reassess and reproduce the same for its best distribution. The authority of sub-licensing the rights on these materials is given to www.couponsdhamaka.com.
2. The distribution of coupons will occur through www.couponsdhamaka.com medium but no illegal or unlawful content can be brought to www.couponsdhamaka.com. Any deceitful content/ object brought to www.couponsdhamaka.com will call for legal action and infringement of rights.
3. The user shall not infringe any 3rd associate’s legal right and not bring any object for selling or its distribution that calls for legal action or proceedings or any similar scenario of complaint logged for www.couponsdhamaka.com.
4. No disputed object/material can ever be put for distribution or sale on www.couponsdhamaka.com.
www.couponsdhamaka.com reserves the sole right to remove any such object with immediate action against the user who put it for distribution or on sale.
5. Notwithstanding www.couponsdhamaka.com terms and conditions with respect to the content given by users, as stated above, www.couponsdhamaka.com does not undertake the ownership to view/monitor its pages and its website for submission of such content or material or its publication or its display.

No to Warranties!
1. www.couponsdhamaka.com does not and will not make any warranty in either an implied way or expressed freely.
2. www.couponsdhamaka.com does not get into an agreement with any of its users to give any warranty on the site’s content or the content’s distribution.

Keeping no biases or prejudices for the paragraph that follows:
1. www.couponsdhamaka.com cannot and does not guarantee that this website will always be available 24X7 from its effective date of launch till forever.
2. www.couponsdhamaka.com cannot and does not guarantee that this website displays all the information that is needed to be displayed or mentioned and is wholly complete or true in its every sense.

Liability of www.couponsdhamaka.com:
www.couponsdhamaka.com is limited to the following:
1. www.couponsdhamaka.com is provided to users with a set of rules to register
2. www.couponsdhamaka.com is not liable for any loss that may occur to the user for the material distribution
3. www.couponsdhamaka.com is not responsible for any profit/loss or income, revenue that is faced through www.couponsdhamaka.com by any user
4. www.couponsdhamaka.com does not and will not hold itself responsible for any loss of reputation or credibility of any user through use of www.couponsdhamaka.com
5. www.couponsdhamaka.com is not responsible for authenticating and validating the materials distributed/ sold/ bought at this website to the fullest. It is with the users’ discretion that the material is being sold/bought.

www.couponsdhamaka.com strictly follows through its liability clauses. None of the events mentioned below will either exclude or let www.couponsdhamaka.com become part of these under any conditions:
1. Any matter or case thereby getting involved in which www.couponsdhamaka.com will have to exclude itself or limit itself from the clauses of liability.
2. Any misinterpretation on the part of www.couponsdhamaka.com or any user
The website must not be used if you as a user think that the clauses of liability are not reasonable.
Unenforceable provisions:
If any provision of this website disclaimer is or is found to be unenforceable under Maharashtra state law, that will still not affect the enforceability of other provisions or conditions of this disclaimer.

As a user, you hereby indemnify that you will keep www.couponsdhamaka.com indemnified against any losses or expenses or profits or liabilities or actions incurred by www.couponsdhamaka.com because of breach of any of the clauses mentioned in this page by you.
Action from www.couponsdhamaka.com:
Upon violation or breach of any of the clauses by you, as a user, www.couponsdhamaka.com will take action in the best way it deems possible and suitable. This could include taking legal actions or court proceedings against you or parties associated with you in the chain of events, confiscating your access on www.couponsdhamaka.com together with barring the IP of your computer to log to www.couponsdhamaka.com.

www.couponsdhamaka.com at its sole discretion can revise these terms and conditions. There will no notification sent explicitly to the existing users or newly registered users. The new Terms and Conditions will apply from the date of publication. It is the user’s responsibility to check the page regularly for updated version of the Terms and Conditions.

Transfer of Rights:
www.couponsdhamaka.com has full rights to transfer its or sub-lease its deals to some other website or even change the name of www.couponsdhamaka.com. www.couponsdhamaka.com will not be under any legal obligations to inform the user about the same.

Digital Agreement:
This is a digital agreement and it constitutes an understanding between you, as a user and www.couponsdhamaka.com.

All the clauses hereby will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws and regulations of Maharashtra Jurisdiction.

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