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Privacy Policy

Trust us! Your privacy matters to www.couponsdhamaka.com and we adhere to the strict guidelines of a website’s online Privacy Policy. This is the page which will tell all of you what kind of information we collect from you and what www.couponsdhamaka.com does with the information thereafter.

Information Collection:

www.couponsdhamaka.com has the right to and in due course of your membership will be likely to collect any below listed pieces of information:

  1. Information that you provide to register/sign up with www.couponsdhamaka.com
  2. Information about how you use www.couponsdhamaka.com
  3. Information that you provide to take any services/deals offered by www.couponsdhamaka.com
  4. Information that you provide in order to carry the necessary transactions with www.couponsdhamaka.com
  5. Information in any other form that you provide to www.couponsdhamaka.com

Personal Information usage:

www.couponsdhamaka.com shall use the provided information for any of the below offerings/services:

  1. For getting you registered to www.couponsdhamaka.com
  2. For personalizing www.couponsdhamaka.com as per your liking
  3. For enabling all the services and deals on the website that suit your taste and preference
  4. For enabling your personal access to use the above mentioned deals/services
  5. For enabling communication between you and the seller/purchaser of coupons as the case may be
  6. For sending the details of the products that you purchase
  7. For sending any personalized information about www.couponsdhamaka.com services for marketing/sales purpose

As a buyer/seller, whenever your personal information is disclosed to anyone else, it becomes mandate for that person to use that information strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions of www.couponsdhamaka.com

Together with this, your personal information might be shared with legal authorities in any event of fraudulent activity or else wise which requires www.couponsdhamaka.com to defend its legal rights OR assist law enforcement agencies.

Data Security:

Your personal information and data will be secured by www.couponsdhamaka.com using the advanced technologies. All precautions will be taken to prevent any loss, theft, misuse of the information provided.

Data Transfer:

www.couponsdhamaka.com usage in any countries will enforce www.couponsdhamaka.com to process, transfer and store the information in the way that is deemed in accordance with this privacy policy.

Policy update:

www.couponsdhamaka.com can/will update the privacy policy as need be and will publish the same on www.couponsdhamaka.com Kindly ensure to check this page in order to know if the privacy policy has been updated.

Linkages to other websites:

www.couponsdhamaka.com will not be responsible for the privacy policy or terms and conditions of any other websites.

Contact Us:

Contact contactus@couponsdhamaka.com

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