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About Us

Who are we people?

Magic Solutions – Symbol of Power

Ever heard of People getting tired of compulsive shopping? If yes, this is the place to be. It so happens many a times, that we have so many items like coupons, gift cards on our plate and we don’t have an option but to use them and spend extravagantly even when it is not required. We at www.couponsdhamaka.com are the driving force to give you the power to have a save in your lives:

  • Save as per your choice
  • Spend as per your need
  • Share for someone else’s utility

What do we do? Our Motto – Share and Gain

We are a startup to offer you the best affordable and convenient services at a click of a mouse button. Our focus lies on only 1 concept

You choose, we deliver!

You must actually be thinking… A startup… so, how did we come into being?

It so happened that we put our notions to being to know how many times does it happen that we find branded gift coupons and e-cards, e-vouchers for apparels, clothing, accessories, e-books, food and what not. That is when we screamed Voila! We thought why anyone should have to spend on something that he/she doesn’t need. What is of no need to us may be of great utility to you. And, so, we came up with www.couponsdhamaka.com.
We at www.couponsdhamaka.com focus on taking all the extra luggage of coupons, gift cards, vouchers from our customers and sell them through our portal. So, register now and get grooving!

What is in store for you?

Simple! You have got some voucher or coupon that you want to sell, get it displayed on our site. As and when an interested buyer hops in, you are on!

Vice versa, you could also come to our site looking for sneak-peak deals of the day or the week and we have got something at the discounted rates to get you going for that shopping hunch.

Contact Us:
Contact: contactus@couponsdhamaka.com
Registered in Maharashtra Jurisdiction